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Bmw whining noise when starting car

Here is a simple way to get rid of the whining noise, by tightening the steering wheel pump's belt, if that indeed is the only problem. You will need a wrench and a pry bar. Open the car hood and locate the power steering assembly. Locate the power steering pump and adjust the arm bolt, as well as the mounting bolt connected with it.

Dec 26, 2012 · Lots of cars' engines make whining sounds at certain speeds. ... The Power Steering System A leak in the power steering system can start that annoying whining noise. Jan 05, 2019 · From 0 to 40 mph it rises consistently in pitch, not affected by gears shifting. If I take my foot off the pedal at all, it goes away.

When the CCV valve fails, it can cause a vacuum inside of the engine which creates the whistling noise. Other symptoms of CCV failure include: 1) excessive oil consumption, 2) a rough.

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• If the noise is only heard when the brakes are applied (question 6), the brakes are the likely source. Possible causes include worn-out brake pads, faulty brake calipers, not enough or no lubrication on the brake parts or simply low-quality brake pads and/or brake rotors.

If you hear a whining noise while listening to your car. Ferozk1981. I trust that you are well. I own a 2015 228i with 74000km and there seems to be a "whining" noise coming from the engine. Bmw seems to think this is normal for a 228i / 328i. I don't know anyone that has a car that I could test it against, if anyone on forum could assist I.

This whining noise can be caused by a bad serpentine belt, a boost leak or a vacuum leak. It could also be due to a power steering issue, worn bearing or low engine oil. In extreme. If you hear grinding noises when driving and braking, try braking a little harder. If the sound gets worse, then you may have worn out brake pads..

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